About Swiftcurrent Lodge
Over the years Swiftcurrent Lodge has been known as:
  • Kozy Up Kottages Ė 1920ís - 1940ís
  • Su-Mac Park Cottages Ė 1950ís - 1960ís
  • Park Lodge1960ís - 1970ís
  • Northís Park Lodge 1980ís - 1996
  • Swiftcurrent Lodge 1996-present

The Swiftcurrent Lodge is located on the 'old' road, the original entrance, into Rocky Mountain National Park, which traveled to Trail Ridge Road and on over to Grand Lake. This road was closed in 1959 after the construction of Highway 36 going into the National Park.

The garage and the building next to it were built in 1921. The building next to the garage which now comprises Cottages 9, 10 & 12, used to be Markís Grocery Store and Texaco Gas Station. At one time, the garage housed stables, a tea room and an ice house.

The two log sided buildings were built in 1933, and the 2-story building was built in 1989, to replace an old log cabin (circa 1921) that was in extremely bad repair. Our existing office once housed the Totem Gift Shop.

Your Hosts

Your hosts, Gary & Coni were both born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and were both introduced early in life to the wonder and beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Both had family mountain cabins where they spent a lot of time.

Gary and Coni were married in Rocky Mountain National Park in 1995. They subsequently found themselves spending most weekends together hiking and camping , only to be sad and depressed having to drive back to the city on Sunday afternoons to prepare for their weekday jobs.

Gary & Coni eventually found a solution to their problem... a way to live and work in the mountains that they loved. In April of 1996, they purchased Northís Park Lodge in Estes Park, rechristened it as the Swiftcurrent Lodge and have operated it ever since.

  • Deposits:
    • 1 or 2 nights stays require non-refundable payment in full at the time of booking.
    • Stays of 3 nights or more require a deposit equal to one night stay or 1/3 of the price of the complete reservation stay (which ever is greater) on VISA/MC at time of booking.
  • Cancellation:
    • If your reservation is cancelled more than 30 days before your reservation date, there is a cancellation fee equal to a one night stay.
    • If your reservation is cancelled less than 30 days before your reservation date, your entire deposit will be forfeited.
    • If your reservation is cancelled less than 7 days before your reservation date, you will be charged for the entire reservation.
  • Refunds:
    • You are responsible for your entire reservation. No refunds are offered for late arrival or early departure.
  • No Show:
    • No Shows will be charged for the entire time reserved.